OpenDAO is the Github community with Token; Token is composed of CodeCoin and the project Token.

OpenDAO changes the past software open source model, and centralized benefits distribution.

Based on the DCF network, blockchain and artificial intelligence are used to manage community transactions.

Complete the goal of “Development Code for Eternal Benefit.”


Based on blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, OpenDAO is committed to building a decentralized intelligent autonomous community.

Protect the rights of project developers, investors and resource providers based on smart contract rules.

Complete DCF (Distributed Cloud Fog) through smart contracts, and provide storage, download and run services for OpenDAO.

In the governance, remove individuals and groups subjective factors. On the other hand, implement community intentions and community mission.


Community block chain

Base on block chain technology built services that are used in software development, open source project crowd funding and project Token trading alliance chains.

Distributed Cloud Fog

DCF is the hardware support environment of the OpenDAO system. OpenDAO community self-governance, P2P network service will consolidate computing resources of idle computers. At the same time, this network also provides storage services for open source software, and shared service.


Release the Project Token

Crowd funding project CodeCoin. At same time,It support project development activities, and help open source authors complete projects that can be placed on the trading platform.

Open Source Partition

CSGPL expressly stipulates the third-party open source author has 2.5% stock. The purpose is to change the Situation of the open source author's achievement no return.